The general goals and objectives of engineering training are expected to be in consonance with the realization of national desire with respect to industrial development and high technological attainment. Consequently, the objective of the engineering programme are to:

  1. Develop the necessary skills, creative ability, attitude and expertise consistent with engineering design, communication and construction of engineering works and projects.
  2. Adapt and improve on exogenous technology in order to enhance construction, techniques and the proper study and use of local raw materials.
  3. Inculcate maintenance culture in the use of engineering artifacts.
  4. inculcate a responsible attitude towards demands made by the practice of engineering and risk implication of design and construction.
  5. Install and maintain complex engineering system to enable them perform optimally in the Nigerian environment.
  6. Be able to exercise original thought, have a good professional judgment and be able to take responsibility for the direction of important assignments.
  7. Be self employable.
  8.  Ensure therefore that engineering graduates from Igbinedion University are resourceful, creative, knowledgeable and capable of carrying out the following functions:

(a) to design engineering projects and supervise their construction.

(b) to design components of Civil Engineering system and work structure, water resources                                  systems, Highways transportation, etc.

(c) to design materials mix proportions (quality control) to get a high standard works.

(d) to be a good manager of people, materials, money, plants and projects.